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Foxy Adventure
Pixel Zone

FaQ - Main

Game doesn't want to run.

Go to installation dir and chceck if all files have size greater than 0 kB and on Linux right-click on the executable and check if Run file as a program option is turned on.

Are our games free?

Yes they are. We're making games just for fun. If you wan to, of course, you can give us an donation by clicking on the DONATE button on the home page.

Can I find source of our games?

Yes. On our GitHub organization page.

What engine does we use in our games?

We use Godot Engine cause it's one of most powerful, free and open-source game engines in the world. We also use FMOD Sound System by Firelight Technologies, Pty as an audio engine in some games and SilentWolf as an Leaderboard backend service for Godot Engine